Fanny Pack KOD


  • closes with zipper
  • adjustable belt with clip fastener (Length ca. 60-140 cm)
  • durable fittings
  • embroidery logo and knife

When purchased, dollars are converted into Russian rubles. Don’t panic, it’s okay!


If we have not sent you the track number yet, please be patient and wait for it. If you received your track number and want to find out the reason for such a long dispatch, then the reason is simple. The whole world is experiencing an epidemic of coronavirus, and therefore the number of workers has sharply decreased, and some of the borders had to be closed for a while.

Usually it took  1- 2-3 weeks to ship the item from Russia to another country but COVID 19 make it really bad.

If you can see that your tracking didnt change for a long time (month or more) ITS FINE. If you see the tracking says EXPIRED its not TRUE !!!! A lot of people tell us that they tracking number says EXPIRED but once we check it on our Russian Post site its FINE and its always on the way.when we send you an order, we will write to your mail a tracking number so you can check your order there

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